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IT Remarketing. Recycle, Re-use

Advanced Digital Dynamics offers trusted and professional IT refurbishment and IT remarketing services allowing you to confidently resell your redundant IT and communication assets to consumers, employees or other businesses.

Many organisations are recognising that they can maximise the value they get from their redundant IT, communications and media equipment by refurbishment and reuse options before their IT kit reaches the recycling stage.

We buy all types of IT equipment for re-use and recycling. We are able to manage your surplus IT either as an asset transfer or as waste for recycling with full auditing. If you have assets that are not being used in your business then we are pleased to have the opportunity to value those assets and provide a route for them to be removed. Most residual IT equipment has some part of it that can be used or recycled for a premium. We focus on the reusable aspect of IT and aim to process and redeploy as many components and materials as possible. We have several methods and financial arrangements for doing this.

Ask us about the residual value of your unused assets – Recycling, Re-using and IT Remarketing

Support CSR objectives by extending the life of your assets and reducing e-waste

All resold assets, will be fully tested and certified as working

You can have confidence that any obsolete assets (e-waste) will not be exported outside of Europe

We offer you peace of mind that you are working with a professional, responsible, ethical and leading organisation to handle your IT remarketing

Your IT Remarketing Specialists

Our asset recovery service is run by a team of IT remarketing specialists who are experienced at selling clients’ IT equipment through channels such as resellers, retailers, brokers, and overseas dealers.

We have a strong IT remarketing presence within the UK and Europe, allowing us to monitor sales trends and prices and react to them quickly to alleviate risk of losses in revenue or margin.

Prior to resale each asset is cleaned, and tested after being securely data wiped. All identifying stickers and asset tracking numbers are removed and a we provide a complete audit trail.

100% data destruction

We use Tabernus Data Erasure software to ensure that 100% of your data is wiped from all of your data bearing IT and electronic assets before it is resold.

Every company has a legal and social responsibility to dispose of their surplus IT equipment in an environmentally friendly way. This process must be managed by a certified responsible company who provide a complete audit trail from collection to disposal.

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